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About Star Marketing

Star Marketing, Inc. was founded in March of 1999 in an effort to establish an Independent Manufacturing Representative with a specific emphasis on the Industrial Customer Base of the Upper Midwest Marketplace. With a combined 41 years of industrial experience our sales group can work to achieve the solution desired by the customer. With experience in Pulp & Paper, Food Processing, Power, Equipment Manufacturing, Refining and Ethanol Production our products are designed to be of the highest quality while providing value and reliability.

All of us involved with Star Marketing, Inc. have had years of distribution experience with a variety of wholesalers in the Wisconsin and Minnesota Marketplace. We pride ourselves on the support of the distributors and their channel partners in bringing products and solutions to the marketplace. We align ourselves with the highest quality distributors to ensure the customers are provided with the quality and value they desire.

We take great pride in having long standing relationships with our suppliers and customers. The majority of the manufacturers we represent today where with us from our first year in business. These manufacturers are the top tier in each of their manufacturing categories and have the engineering expertise and diversity of product to meet your production or design needs.

It is our highest priority to provide the highest quality service with straight forward honest dealings. We will work hard to earn your trust in the environment of honest and fair dealings in all aspects of our business.

Ask how we can increase your market share of our products and services.